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Commercial Pest Control Services in Melbourne

Who says running a business or an establishment is easy? We, at Wipe Out Cockroach Control, Melbourne, receive calls and bookings especially from commercial establishments for commercial pest removal services. Wipe Out Cockroach Control in Melbourne provides an entire range of commercial pest control services in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia.

Pest infestation is a menace across all kinds of buildings and premises. Your offices, hotels, restaurants, motels, warehouses, dormitories, schools, club houses, hospitals any and all premises are infestation prone if proper care and maintenance are overlooked. Pests are bad, they can ruin your business reputation, your goods, and products, your time, your money as well as your drive away your clients.

Wipe Out Cockroach Control has been rendering the best commercial pest control services in Melbourne for many decades and our is the pioneer and leader in the business. We have serviced thousands of buildings and many thousands of our satisfied clientele keep coming back to us to book our annual packages of effective, reliable and durable at the best and most reasonable prices, compared to other commercial pest control companies.

Complete Cockroach Control Solutions With Wipe Out Cockroach Control Melbourne

Importance of Commercial Pest Control Services

Commercial pest removal services are needed to remove pest infestation of whatever kind, from your premises. They are needed to prevent recurrence of pest infestation. Both aspects are complementary and supplementary to each other.

You definitely would not like your customers or inmates to receive their food items laden or ridden damage done or carrying foul smell left by pests. You would obviously be better, removing pest infestation from your premises, as early as possible. This is where you have Wipe Out Cockroach Control, Melbourne at your service with the best of their commercial pest control services!

It would ensure unhindered and uninterrupted business turnover and customer turnout if your business house or workplace thrives in an environment free from pest, rodents, cockroaches and other creepy crawling critters! That in turn, comes from regular and top-class commercial pest control services like the ones we provide! Our pest control experts recommend commercial pest control treatment to be done at least once if not twice every year.

Pests, insects, birds, rodents, lice, and other critters in the vicinity are not just an unwelcome, ugly and unwelcome sign, but are an invitation to property damage and more importantly a major health hazard to the staff, the customers, passengers and inmates! These tiny looking yet nasty critters carry and thereby spread various kinds of bacteria, viruses, pathogens and allergens which in turn inflict humans with cardiovascular, cardiothoracic and intestinal ailments and diseases and allergies.

Rats, rodents, mice, cockroaches and other insects and home birds or pets defecate and urinate as they travel through your premises thereby polluting the surface, the surroundings, your food items and anything else they come in contact with! These risks and hazards can spell doom and disaster for any business or for any commercial establishment or premises! Avail our commercial pest control services in Melbourne and make sure you are insulated from the risk of pests and pest infestations!

The Range of Our Commercial Pest Control Services in Melbourne

We have been providing commercial pest control service all over Australian in workplaces of various kinds and ridding premises of infestations of all magnitudes, for close to a hundred years. Thousands of commercial, industrial and institutional have been serviced by our expert and experienced cleaners and technicians.

Cockroaches, bed bugs, rodents, rats, mice, bees and beetles, flies, fleas and mosquitoes, the list of pests exterminate is long and endless! Armed with latest technology, ultra-modern equipment and apparatuses, and the top quality yet safe and eco-friendly chemicals, cleaning agents, dehumidifiers and deodorisers, our cleaners and technicians are well versed in removing all kinds of pests and creepy crawlies!

As you read on further, you will get a bird’s eye view of the services we render and the pest infestation we undertake to remove.

Biological Methods of Pest Management


Ants are a perfect turn-off when you are eating. Do it yourself methods do not work effectively and not for a long time. It is time professional and commercial pest control teams handle the issue!

Biological Methods of Pest Management

Flying Insects

Flying insects like flea, flies, mosquitoes and wasps are not only annoying but also harmful to the health and overall wellbeing of your staff and customers.

Biological Methods of Pest Management

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are pervasive pests and enemies of peaceful and comfortable, uninterrupted sleep! Their bite causes rashes and reddishness of skin. Our commercial pest control services and bed bug solutions leave your premises bug-free and itch free!

Eliminating Pests Using Physical Means


Considered to be the world’s most irritating, dreaded, hated and disgusting pests,
cockroaches give people seamless anxiety, irritation, disgust and frustration. Wipe Out
Cockroach Control Melbourne offers an effective and reliable combination of methods to
control cockroaches!

Eliminating Pests Using Physical Means


Considered to be the world’s most irritating, dreaded, hated and disgusting pests,
cockroaches give people seamless anxiety, irritation, disgust and frustration. Wipe Out
Cockroach Control Melbourne offers an effective and reliable combination of methods to
control cockroaches!

Biological Methods of Pest Management


Rodents, rats and mice are the most dangerous threat for any building. Rodent infestation is a serious problem that puts your business at severe risk. Your business could suffer in every way i.e., your costly furniture and fixtures, furnishings and upholstery on the interior and the walls, doors and windows, lawns and garden furniture on the exterior.

Infestations such as:


Bees, beetles

Pest Control

Spiders, moths, silverfish

Pest Control

Small birds and animals

Cockroach Control in Melbourne

Advantages and Benefits of Commercial Pest Control Services

Our esteemed customers and clientele keep coming back to us, for effective, trusted and durable pest control treatment, at the most competitive and reasonable prices! Our client base includes establishments from the field of manufacturing, hospitality, transport, professional services and also from the government sector.

Pests seriously impact the sanitation, health, safety and customer turn-out and thereby, the overall reputation of your business and commercial property and establishment. Our professionally trained and highly skilled cleaners and technicians are equipped to employ various methods and procedures to rid your commercial property and establishments of all kinds of pests and pest infestations.

So many businesses and commercial establishments are compelled to take a break from business or even close down permanently, owing to pest infestations of various kinds and magnitude. So many commercial buildings get damaged and devastated every year. People are compelled to abandon their estates and establishments due to severe pest infestation, just because of tiny looking and seemingly negligible pests.

Pest control is a necessity not only for residential sites and premises, but for all kinds of commercial premises too! In case of residential properties, pest control in indispensable, in view of the safety and maintenance of the property and more importantly the sanitation, hygiene and health of the co-inhabitants, especially senior citizens, children and pets, whereas in case of commercial, industrial and institutional premises, pest control services are availed keeping mind the safety of the customers, clients, inmates etc.

We implement the best procedures, highest safety standards and all commercial pest control protocols as per the set Australian standards of public sanitation, health and hygiene. All our procedures, products, equipment and apparatuses are government approved and one hundred per cent eco-friendly. All this, without any harm to the environment, your set-up and to humans, especially senior citizens, patients, kids and pets.

Our Processes and Methods

Our research and development experts strive to continuously and consistently devise ways and means to upgrade and maintain our standards of service. We employ the latest and best methods, processes of commercial pest control services with special emphasis on restaurant pest control! Restaurants, hotels, motels, eateries and dormitories are establishments that have higher a foot fall as compared to other commercial establishments.

Once your call is registered with our 24×7 customer service, our customised and specially designed commercial pest control service vans, laden with men and material reach you. Our first step in the commercial pest removal process to conduct a pest inspection of your site, including the surroundings. A detailed report, including pictures and type and extent of infestation, the item wise budget, the time schedule and a free quotation will be provided to you at the end of the inspection.

All establishments, all buildings are not the same, neither are all kinds of pests and pest infestations. That is why our pest control experts devise different pest treatment plans for different sites! An exclusive commercial cockroach and pest control plan will be designed in a tailor-made to suit the kind and extent of infestation at your site. The process of begins after your approval of the proposed products, services processes and budget.

Wipe Out Cockroach Control, Melbourne is reputed and renowned for the effective, durable and economical services and for employing the prudent and erudite commercial pest control services in Melbourne, as well as other cities and states of Australia. Everything about us, including our processes, the services we offer, the products and equipment we use and our prices are many notches above the rest of the commercial pest control companies!

Handy Tips to Avoid Pest Infestations!

At the end of a complete, comprehensive and all-inclusive commercial pest control service, our expert cleaners and technicians apply a 100% safe, eco-friendly and protective layer at the site, to remove the possibility of and to avoid recurrence of the infestation. A detailed discussion will be had with the housekeeping department in your establishment, where simple, yet useful tips and suggestions are shared, to maintain of your premises and surroundings in a pest-free environment!

Here are a few tips from our experts, to keep pests at bay after a session commercial pest control services:

Maintenance of proper hygiene, cleanliness and sanitation in your premises is a standing invitation to your clients and customers!

Pests thrive and stay where they find food and hidden shelters. Kitchens, sinks, washrooms, stairs, corners of furniture and fixtures etc., are readymade dwelling places for pests.

Do not leave food items uncovered and storage areas and garbage bins open.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! Use good quality sanitisers, cleaning agents, soaps and detergents in your daily usage, whether in your bedrooms, toilets, wash basins or kitchen sinks.

Keep your floors, furnishings, carpets, rugs, curtains and other upholstery dry and clean them regularly.

Keeping your furniture and fixtures dry, clean and free of dust, dirt and food particles helps in keeping pests and insects away.

Keep your garden restaurants, lawns, plants and shrubs clean and dry.

Spray good quality pesticides and insecticides regularly.

Dispose of garbage daily and in closed bins. That helps keep pests and critters away.

Meshes, nets or fly screens in your rooms, sleeping areas etc., help in keeping flying insects at bay.

Why We are Than Better Than Commercial Pest Control Companies:

With over 6 decades of experience in providing commercial pest control services, we have the expertise, along with skilled manpower to cover all kinds of pests and pest infestations!

Our cleaners and technical staff are trained, legally authorised and certified to render all kinds of commercial pest control services in Melbourne and elsewhere in Australia.

We offer you what most other commercial pest control companies do not. We offer you a 100% money back guarantee on all our products, processes and services.

Exceptional quality standards of work and service, coupled with most affordable and reasonable prices compared to all other commercial pest control companies!

Credit cards, debit cards and all other modes of payment are accepted

Friendly, reliable, polite, honest, co-operative and helpful technical staff

Our dedicated customer service and emergency service counter is always at your service, 24×7 on all 365 days of the year.

Our processes and procedures, the cleaning agents, chemicals, the equipment and apparatuses are of the top quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service team reaches your premises on the day you book our services, within hours of your call.
Sighting of smear marks, gnaw marks, shreds of half-eaten food particles, egg shells, droppings, foul smell, shed skin and or body parts such as tails, legs, wings, head etc.
The duration depends on the type and extent of infestation, the size of the premises etc. A normal commercial pest control session takes not more than a few hours.
Our technical teams are at your service, 24x7, 365 days a year with their best services!!

As a commercial establishment, your customers and their overall safety come first for you. Same it is, for us too! Health, hygiene, sanitation and overall safety are paramount. Everything comes next! Before your business starts getting hampered and hindered due to pest infestation, call Wipe Out Cockroach Control, Melbourne and avail the best of our commercial pest control services!

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Commercial Pest Control Services in Melbourne

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