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Why Choose Us for Cockroach Pest Control?

At Wipeout Cockroach Control Melbourne, you will experience the most reliable cockroach control services. We ensure to help you attain a healthy and safe environment.

We believe that you will find our services meet your demands. People in Melbourne prefer us over others, primarily because of the following:


Affordable Price


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Cockroach Pest Control Melbourne Treatment Process

Wipeout Cockroach Control Melbourne sticks to a four-stage practical and effective procedure for cockroach pest control in Melbourne. We have decades of experience using this reliable method.

We use advanced tools and modern techniques to ensure you get the top-notch cockroach treatment with a long-lasting result.


Treatment Plan

Cockroach Extermination

Ongoing Prevention

After completion of the treatment procedure by our cockroach control Melbourne team, our experts will offer tips and tricks that will help you live in a healthy environment.

Some of the general tips our cockroach control services Melbourne specialists offer to include the elimination of sources that cause moisture, regular cleaning and sanitation of your place, a timely inspection of hidden areas, and more.

Types of Cockroaches in Melbourne

In Melbourne, these six types of cockroaches are commonly found:

Australian cockroach

American cockroach

Brown-banded cockroach

Smoky brown cockroach

Oriental cockroach

German cockroaches are the most dangerous cockroach in Melbourne, while American cockroaches and Australian cockroaches are also pretty troublesome and known for posing health threats.

You can search for the key identities of these cockroaches and call our cockroach extermination Melbourne team if you notice their infestation at your home or commercial space.

You can avail our services in suburbs like Yering, Yellingbo, Yarraville, Yarra Glen, Yapeen, Woori Yallock, Woodvale, Woodstock, Woodend, Woodend North, Wollert, Windermere, Winchelsea, Winchelsea South, Williamstown, Williamstown North, Williams Landing, Whipstick, Wheatsheaf, West Footscray, West Bendigo

Why is It Important to Exterminate Cockroaches?

Along with contaminating your kitchen products, cockroaches carry several pathogens that can cause severe health to you and your loved ones. It enters your place with a whole lot of bacteria, including salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus, together with poliovirus.

Even the droppings and leftovers of the cockroaches carry microbes that can stay for an extended period and pose a threat to everyone getting in contact. If you do not hire reliable cockroach control services Melbourne on time, you put yourself and your loved ones at a severe health risk.

Here is an overview of the types of diseases cockroaches can transmit:

Thousands of residential and commercial complex owners seek assistance from our cockroach extermination Melbourne team every year. They find our services beneficial and safeguard themselves from health hazards.

Signs of Infestation

It is essential to keep your place clean and healthy as even the slightest dirt is an invitation for cockroaches and other such pests. One or two cockroaches cannot clearly state that there are a large number of them on your property, but you should never wait for them to infest.

It would be best to hire our professional cockroach pest control Melbourne team if you notice the following signs that are a proof of cockroach infestation at your place:

Also, make a note that cockroaches lay around 18 to 50 eggs in one go, and these eggs can multiply in large numbers within a short duration of time. Contact Wipeout Cockroach Control Melbourne as soon as you notice the signs mentioned above. Our executives will reach the site and offer you the best cockroach control services Melbourne has.

Tips to Keep Cockroaches Away

Our experts suggest the following easy and reliable methods that ensure to keep the cockroaches away up to an extent:

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Melbourne Cockroach Control

Cockroaches usually come from filthy places and need to be removed as soon as possible. To reduce such risks, it would be best to hire professionals from our wipeout cockroach control Melbourne team to remove such insects from your property.

Experience Reliable and Hassle-free Cockroach Control Services in Melbourne

Are you regularly noticing cockroaches in your bathroom, kitchen, and storage room? Cockroaches usually come from filthy places and need to be removed as soon as possible.

Wipe Out Cockroach Control Melbourne has decades of experience in cockroach pest control for both residential and commercial complexes.

Our Services

Wipeout Cockroach Control Melbourne offers you a wide range of services, including:

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Asked Questions

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The easiest and most effective measure one can take to kill cockroaches is by using cockroach baits and traps at the entrance of your home or the place from where these insects usually enter your property. These baits attract the cockroaches and kill their eggs and critters so that the breeding cycle breaks.

To get rid of cockroaches forever, you can use a natural remedy approved by our experts. Mix one part of sugar or honey with one part of baking soda and place the mixture at the spot where you usually find cockroaches, and leave overnight. Baking soda is a natural remedy that people use to kill cockroaches.

The usual cost to get rid of a cockroach infestation ranges from $100 to $400, depending upon the scope of work. On average, the cost is estimated at around $150. To know more about the pricing, you can contact us, and our customer care executive will brief you about the pricing.

Nowadays, expert pest control agents use gel bait insecticides that help in both cockroach control and elimination. In this method, they place small beads of gel bait in places where the cockroaches usually live, feed, or move from one place to another.

It depends upon how you keep your property after successful extermination. If left uncleaned, cockroaches can come back even after professional extermination treatment. Cockroach eradication by professionals is one thing, while ongoing prevention is another.

Sometimes, it becomes very challenging to get rid of cockroaches because these insects hide in several areas and breed quickly. They are highly productive and may develop pesticide resistance over time.


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Cockroach Control Melbourne was courteous, contacted us before arriving, communicated what they were going to do, and again before they left. Highly recommend it.

– Grace White

I have been happy with Cockroach Control Melbourne. I just moved and had them come out to treat the new yard. They’re courteous, dependable, and knowledgeable.

– Daniel White

I have been using Cockroach Control Melbourne for quite some time. The technician that came out was very knowledgeable, and he took his time and did a great job. I haven’t seen any more bugs inside. Very happy and highly recommend them!

– Caleb Wilson

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