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Looking to protect your home from pests? Call Wipe Out Cockroach Control Melbourne, for all kinds of residential pest control services! We offer professional home pest control services that are effective, durable and reasonably priced, at the same time safe for your family and your pets too. We provide prompt and same day service to premises of all kinds and size, for all types of pests and in all suburbs of Melbourne and other regions of Australia. With more than 5 decades of our experience in the business, you are assured of the best of everything!

We keep all kinds of pests and pest infestations away from your premises, with the best of our residential pest control services which includes pest inspection, pest removal and pest treatment which help you in keeping your valuable investments in your property safe and secure. We also offer attractive and economical residential pest control packages, depending on the size and frequency of the home pest control services booked.

We use the best equipment, apparatuses and processes, the most eco-friendly yet effective chemicals, cleaning agents, dehumidifiers and deodorisers, safest products wherefore your property, your set-up, your family and even your pets are totally safe. We also offer you the most competitive and reasonable residential pest control prices!

Cockroach Control

Importance of Protecting Your Home from Pest Infestations:

Protection of your home is quintessential! Pests such as ants, cockroaches, fleas, rats, rodents, mice, spiders, moths, silverfish, beetles, bed bugs, smaller bird and stray animals tend to cause severe damage to your premises and property. Beyond that, these critters carry and spread dangerous pathogens, allergens, bacteria and viruses which cause various kinds of infections, allergies and cardiovascular and cardiothoracic illnesses and diseases. This is a major health risk especially for senior citizens, the sick and ailing and children.

Buying or constructing a new house is no an everyday affair; rather it is a once in a lifetime! You invest a huge lot of your hard-earned savings to buy such a valuable asset. That is the place you and your dear ones live together, almost all your lives. Irrespective of the reason and the season. It is important to keep your premises clean, healthy and hygienic at all times of the year. It is indeed advisable to avail our residential pest control services and get regular pest inspections, pest removal and treatments done.

Pest infestations in a home, office, apartment or any premises, are not only an ugly and superficial turn-off, but they are also a major threat to your premises and your surroundings and more importantly to your health, sanitation and overall well-being.

The sooner the damage is noticed, higher are the chances of avoiding or at least limiting the probable damage to your property. When you suspect any kind of infestation of in your premises, just call Wipe Out Cockroach Control Melbourne. Our technical team will remove infestations of whatever kind and extent, on the external or the interior of your building.

Our cleaners and technicians are professionally trained and skilled and technically well-equipped to detect almost all kinds of pest problems and the most efficient and durable residential pest control to give you the best possible a healthy, hygienic and pest-free environment!

Importance of Protecting Your Home from Pest Infestations

We offer the most economical and reasonable packages for residential pest control in Melbourne. Not all residences are the same neither are all infestations! Our residential pest control services are devised and designed to suit the kind of pest infestation or problem and to your pocket, the cost of the pest removal and pest control treatment twill depend on the size of your premises and the service you opt for.

Rest assured that our residential pest control prices are the most reasonable and economical, as compared to those of any other residential pest control companies in Australia. Our experts will conduct an inspection of your site, preferably the same day you contact us. They will give you a free quotation, including detailed information regarding the type and extent of infestation, the processes and products that would be employed, the time duration of the treatment etc.

The moment you feel or suspect you have a pest problem, all you need to do is to just call us, look no further! Here’s a bird’s eye view of the pests for infestation of which we offer residential pest control in Melbourne and in other regions of Australia:

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are pervasive pests, whose bite causes rashes and itching. Our bed bug removal will enable you to keep your environment itch-free!


Do It Yourself ideas and household measure do not work consistently for ants, cockroaches or other pests. Pest infestation of any kind and extent, needs professional work which we provide.


Cockroaches are one among the world’s most irritating and hated pests. Cockroaches cause anxiety and frustration, because of the allergens and pathogens they carry and spread around. Cockroaches can live long without water and putting an end to cockroaches is easier said than done!


Spiders are another irritating species, spreading webs and dust and infections wherever they go. Although spiders are an important part of the ecosystem, a number of Australian spider species pose the risk of infections to humans and pets. Protecting your home and your people from spiders is important.

Apart from the above we also undertake removal and pest control services for infestation of the following:

  • Rats, rodents and mice
  • Fleas, ticks, flies, mosquitoes
  • Moths, silverfish
  • Bees, beetles, wasps
  • Birds and animals.

Your overall safety and health and that of your family stand foremost to us. We strive to provide you excellent, effective and durable residential pest control services, residential pest control prices!

Benefits and Advantages of Home Pest Control Services:

Do you feel pest control is an unnecessary expenditure every year? Read on realise the huge benefits and advantages of availing professional residential pest control services from Wipe Out Cockroach Control in Melbourne!

So many houses and residential buildings get damaged and devastated every year owing to pest infestations of various kinds and magnitude. People have had to abandon homes and estates due to severe pest infestation, all because of tiny looking and seemingly negligible pests, insects, and critters such as bees, bedbugs, rodents, rats, mice and cockroaches.

Pest control is a necessity not only for commercial sites and premises, but for all kinds of residential premises too! Whereas in case of commercial, industrial and institutional premises, pest control services are availed keeping mind the safety of the customers, clients, inmates etc., in case of residential properties, pest control in indispensable, in view of the safety and maintenance of the property and more importantly the sanitation, hygiene and health of the co-inhabitants, especially senior citizens, children and pets.

Pests and pest infestations of any kind are not just an ugly sight, a turn-off and an encroachment on your valuable property. Pests thrive and multiply very fast, in almost any atmosphere with the least of food and space available. When pests enter your surroundings, they bring along many diseases, illnesses and allergies, because of the dangerous allergens, pathogens, viruses and bacteria that they carry and spread wherever they go.

Our Methods and Processes of Residential Pest Control

Our research department strives to regularly upgrade and employ the latest and best methods, processes of residential pest control. Our expert cleaners and technicians complete their work, without disturbing and or displacing your set-up in any way. Our friendly staff are always eager to help you with any assistance, help or information you may need. All you have to do, is just call us to avail residential pest control in Melbourne and in other areas of Australia.

Once your call is received and booked, our service team reaches you to conduct an inspection of your site and the surroundings, to assess the type and extent of infestation and the other aspects. A customised treatment plan will be devised to suit the type and extent of infestation. A detailed report with all relevant information including a free quotation will be given to you for your reference and consent. The process of residential pest control services begins after your approval.

Wipe Out Cockroach Control, Melbourne is a highly reputed and renowned reliable name in the business of residential pest control in Melbourne as well as other regions of Australia. Our clientele across all classes of residential sites, are standing proof of our effective, durable and economical services and our most reasonable residential pest control prices! the services we offer, our processes, the products and equipment we use and our prices are notches above the other residential pest control companies and totally safe for the environment, for your property, your family, your pets too!

Tips and Preventive Measures for Residential Pest Control:

You can prevent scary scenarios at home by taking opting for preventive measures at the household level. Maintaining cleanliness and hygienic conditions at home is paramount for a safe and healthy atmosphere.

At the end of our all-inclusive and comprehensive residential pest control services, our cleaners and technicians apply a 100% safe, eco-friendly protection layer at the site treated for infestation, to avoid any recurrence. A discussion will be had with you and preventive tips will be suggested to keep your premises and your surroundings pest-free! these simple tasks should save you from irritating infestations in your home.

So, these simple tips – not tricks should help you preventing pests!

  • Keep your surroundings clean and dry! it’s with the simplest jobs that we can be most careless!
  • Keep all food stuff covered and tightly sealed. This will keep pests away and also keep food fresh.
  • Keep your floors lawns and garden clean, dry and free from spillage. Garbage, litter stagnant puddles and wet spots are a readymade home for pests.
  • Clean your furniture, fixtures, furnishings and upholstery regularly.
  • Put away unnecessary toys and playthings after use. this one is especially for kids!
  • Do care of your pets and keep them clean too!

Why You Would Choose Wipe Out Cockroach Control Melbourne:

Our regular package of home pest control in Melbourne or other cities of Australia, includes result-oriented and effective methods and techniques of pest removal such as chemical fumigation, sprays, nets, manual removal of pests etc. Although we cover all kinds commercial, industrial and institutional buildings of all varieties and sizes, residential pest control services are our stand out feature and our flagship service

Our expert cleaners and technicians have encountered all kinds pest infestations are adept, professionally skilled and technically equipped to provide the best and also the most effective, durable and pest removal services and pest control treatment packages, at the most reasonable residential pest control prices when compared to other residential pest control companies!

The services we offer, our processes, the products and equipment we use, are approved by the local authorities and totally safe for the environment, humans, pets, and also conform to the set Australian standards of public sanitation, hygiene, health and social safety. Our services are prompt, swift, reliable and effective and are provided at the time and budget of your convenience! We use the best, latest and advanced technology and equipment to achieve the best results. We make another detailed inspection at the end of our residential pest control services.

Your Doubts Addressed and Cleared, Before They Arise and Come Up:

As far as our services are concerned, they are totally effective, reliable, eco-friendly and durable, irrespective whether it is our commercial, industrial, institutional or residential pest control services in Melbourne or other cities and states of Australia.
Absolutely nothing to worry! We assure you of a hundred per cent money back guarantee on all our processes and products and our home pest control in Melbourne.
Although the length of a complete and comprehensive residential pest control services session depends on factors such as the size and expanse of the premises, the extent of infestation etc., a normal pest control session takes a few hours, that too at a time and on a day of your convenience!
Even though our technical teams are equally adept and erudite in handling and removing all kinds of infestations, our customer feedback says, our Residential Cockroach Control is our single most popular service.
Our technical teams and our service van reach your site preferably on the same day, within hours of your call.
Wipe Out Cockroach Control, Melbourne is at your service, 24x7, 365 days a year and to give your premises the best possible residential pest control services!!

Your property, your house precious! Your health, your life and that of your dear ones is more precious! So do not wait. At the first hint of any kind of pest infestation, call us toll free!!

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